5 Awesome Gadgets to Help You Get A Better Night's Sleep

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5 Awesome Gadgets to Help You Get A Better Night's Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of our lives. Despite that, many of us deprive ourselves of good quality sleep, opting to stay up late, get up early, and generally not enjoy a good night’s sleep.

While no technology can force you to go to sleep, there are plenty of gadgets that can help make the transition smoother. We take a look at 5 great options, each that give you different ways of taking your sleep game to the next level.

1. Sleep Shepherd



Sleep Shepherd is a shower cap style hat that you wear while sleeping, working with your brain to slow things down and optimize your sleep. Incorporating a biofeedback system, its customized binaural beats help guide you to sleep in a way that’s personal to you.

As well as soothing you into a deeper sleep than conventional means, Sleep Shepherd monitors how well you’re sleeping, ensuring you always have a record to check back on each morning. Its intelligent alarm clock helps you wake up gradually in the morning, picking the right time of the hour to wake you, rather than using an arbitrary time.

It might not look like the most stylish of things to wear in bed, but as a sleeping aid, it uses some impressive technology.

2. FitSleep


Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 10.25.08 AM.png

Recently part of a successful IndieGoGo campaign, FitSleep is a sleep tracker that uses alpha waves to help you fall asleep faster. The small monitoring device fits next to your pillow, accurately logging your heart rate, respiratory rate, body movements, and sleeping patterns.

Alongside that, the FitSleep emits 0-13Hz waves during light sleep, speeding up the transformation to deep sleep. It sounds a little outlandish but research has proven that most users of the device found themselves sleeping more deeply and quicker than without the tracker. In conjunction with its app, FitSleep will wake you up at the ideal time for your body’s rhythms.

Unobtrusive and easy to use, FitSleep could be ideal for those who never get a deep enough night’s sleep.

3. Nuyu Sleep System



Nuyu’s Sleep System works a lot like an electric blanket, but better. Placed under your mattress sheets, the device ensures that the temperature in your bed is always just right. It’ll warm your mattress up slightly to help you fall asleep more naturally, before cooling down as you sleep, so that you’re not restless. Just as you’re about to wake up, the temperature will increase again, easing you awake.

It’s well known that temperature affects sleep quality, so by tracking your current temperature, Nuyu Sleep System should be ideal for all restless sleepers. There’s an additional benefit for those who may suffer from temperature disturbances such as hot flashes or sickness.

4. Bedjet DualZone



Looking kind of like an air conditioning system for your bed, Bedjet DualZone offers climate control for the whole bed. That means if you prefer a toasty warm mattress, while your partner prefers the cold, you can both be happy. There’s no need to change the mattress or add a topper. Instead, Bedjet is quickly installed to the side of your existing mattress.

Through the device’s app, you can adjust the temperature just like you would adjust the volume on your TV. It comes with a washable air filter, ensuring that it won’t get clogged up with dust, plus by being so focused on one area, you can save on energy bills by turning down the heating in the house.

Bedjet is an ideal long-term solution for those who hate to be at the wrong temperature in bed.

5. Withings Aura



Withings won’t cool your bed for you, but it will make waking up a lot more pleasant. An intelligent alarm clock, it’ll energize you through a mixture of lights and customized music. Looking like a conventional lamp, the device offers a simulated sunrise ensuring you wake up slowly but surely.

In conjunction with Spotify, it’ll stream all your favorite playlists, or you can pick out a specially engineered wake-up program to ease you into the day.

At night, Withings Aura also offers optimized color schemes, promoting secretions of sleep hormones, along with a sound program that’s designed to help you sleep. If you wake up in the night, it’ll reactivate, soothing you back to sleep through ambient noise.