HTC 10 Hands-on: Not Going Down Without a Fight

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HTC 10 Hands-on: Not Going Down Without a Fight

As it was in 2013, when the company introduced the original HTC One, which set a new standard for Android smartphone design, HTC comes into 2016 at a crossroads. The company is limping more heavily than ever, unquestionably in more dire circumstances than when it rolled the beautiful M7 off the line, but the atmosphere is similar. The company needs its newest flagship, as it did three years ago, to be a stunner.

Beyond beauty, the latest HTC smartphone must combine elegant looks with internal power and effective software. The Taiwanese company has put its eggs in the basket of the HTC 10 which, like the original One, has dropped superfluous attributions to send a clear and direct message. It’s no secret why HTC has been touting the “power of 10” in the months leading up to the phone’s unveiling. It needs this device to be perfect.

We’ve spent just a few hours with the HTC 10, but the early returns are promising. It is unquestionably an HTC device, and one of the best the company has released in years. The design is HTC through and through, living up to its premium flagship standing. The Sense software is still one of the best skins of Android on the market, having been refined over years into a fluid experience that does not detract from the best features of the operating system. The one question that remains, as it always has for HTC, is the camera. We have not spent nearly enough time to make any definitive call on the latest effort, so that will have to wait for our full review.

Until then, here is our hands-on and first impressions.