Infographic Shows the History of How Technology Got Smart

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Infographic Shows the History of How Technology Got Smart

A love for high-tech gadgets is practically built into our DNA these days, and these machines are right at your fingertips. Smart phones, smart cars, smart watches—and just about everything else that connects to the Internet. But it wasn’t always this way. A new infographic from Intel shows how our once-basic technologies have morphed completely into programmable robots with minds of their own.

Check this: it has been nearly 75 years since the invention of the Z3, the world’s first computer. Designed by German Konrad Zuse, the thing was massive (and unfortunately, obliterated during the bombing of Berlin during WWII). Then in 1943, the then-president of IBM, Thomas Watson, thought Zuse was onto something with the computer thing.

Watson was famously quoted as saying, “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.”

Fast forward through the decades, and slowly, branches of computing technologies like artificial intelligence, smart processing and Internet bandwidth started popping up. And so here we are, with self-driving vehicles, thermostats that change temperature themselves and eyeglasses that double as fully functioning Internet browsers, video cameras and navigation devices. What’s next for us?