Curiosity App Review (iOS): Neo-Caching

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Curiosity App Review (iOS): Neo-Caching

There are plenty of apps for food and entertainment, but what about arts and sciences? Curiosity, a sort of blend between Yelp and Geocaching, aims to change that focus just a bit.

In short, this is a location-based app that lets you see various locations of note around your local zone. This can range from art galleries, to historic sites, to museums, which aren’t very well represented by most databases. Of particular note is that Curiosity includes national parks, which I haven’t seen listed on nearly every app I use.

As someone who frequents parks in my area often I knew of most of them, but again, you don’t see an app that highlights them so prominently every day. Schools and such are also listed, at which point you’re probably yawning, closing out this review, and heading to Instagram. If you’re not the target audience, you’ll know it right away.

The “Explore” bit is also a very cool thing to browse, as it shows you paintings, registered landmarks, and other info like famous settings that might be nearby or famous people who were born in the surrounding area. It’s a great way to interact with exhibits while you’re there too, as it provides an easy-access Wikipedia entry of sorts to give you some background on what you’re looking at.

Curiosity 1.jpg

There’s also a “popular topic” menu option that basically shows you what’s trending, but it’s utterly useless as recent topics include “bikinis,” and “George MacKay,” so whatever extra functionality this touts, you can chuck it out the window.

Living in a suburban area, I feel like I’ve gotten enough mileage out of my week with Curiosity to get my money’s worth out of it. There’s enough activities popping up across my local map to keep me interested for a while, and given that I can hop over to a major city easily enough, I know that I’ll be loading it back up every so often. But if you happen to find yourself in a more rural location, you can likely pass.

Curiosity is an iOS app that can be downloaded for $1.99 from the iTunes App Store.