Apple Plans to Reveal Its New 4-Inch iPhone in March

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Apple’s newest iPhone won’t be the rumored iPhone 6C. Instead, it will be a more compact model than its latest releases.

The company plans to unveil a 4-inch phone around March based on the iPhone 5 design. The model, which is already in production overseas, will be an enhanced version of 2013’s 5 and trump the expected 6C follow-up to last year’s iPhone 6 release.

The 5 Special Edition (SE) will feature some of the iPhone 6’s same specifications. Specifically, a curved glass display, A8 chip and 8 megapixel rear-facing camera. The phone will include NFC technology making it able to support Apple Pay and a barometric sensor. The 5SE will also have the ability to shoot Live Photos, though it won’t support 3D touch. Color options will mimic that of the iPhone 6S varieties, including a rose gold version.

It’s not known when the phone will go on sale, but the price for the new handset will be $450. That is presently the same price as the 5S, which will reportedly be discontinued in favor of the 5SE.