Kickstarter Weekly: Control Your House Like a Wizard with Moband, Stay Safe with Nimb and More

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Kickstarter Weekly: Control Your House Like a Wizard with Moband, Stay Safe with Nimb and More

Another week means another selection of cool, new Kickstarter projects to take a look at. This week, we have a varied mixture of gadgets. One might help you lose weight, while another helps you remotely control various items within your house without needing to move. There’s room too for some smart wearables, and a great safety device for cyclists.

Thin Ice 2.0
thinice.pngWant an extra helping hand in your path to weight loss? Sounding a little outlandish, but with some expert science behind it comes Thin Ice 2.0. The vest stimulates your body with cold temperatures to help you burn more calories. Even better, it targets all the key areas of your body, hopefully making you leaner. Given it’s known that we all burn more calories in the winter months, it’s a plausible idea, although we’d recommend exercising alongside such wearables. A pledge of $169CAD (about $129) gets you one vest with the campaign ending July 14.

The Basslet
basslet.jpgWe all appreciate the importance of a rudimentary subwoofer, right? How about one that you wear like a watch? That’s the thinking behind Basslet. The wrist mounted gadget works in conjunction with many other sources of music, whether you’re walking through the street with headphones in or at home with your favorite TV show or game. No additional app is needed, and it’s completely silent to the outside world. It’s your own personal subwoofer. A pledge of €139 (about $153) is all that’s needed. The campaign ends July 24.

classon.jpgCycling is a great way to travel, but it can also be dangerous. CLASSON hopes to make things safer. It’s a cycling helmet that activates turn signals and brake lights, based on how your body is currently moving. Most appealing of all, through camera based detection, it’ll also alert you when cars are in your blind spot. Alongside such features, CLASSON also bundles in step-by-step navigation, but it’s the way in which it’ll keep you safe that makes it really stand out. In a busy city, it could make all the difference when negotiating lines of traffic. A pledge of $149 will snag you one helmet. The campaign ends July 22.

nimb.jpgSafety when out and about is an issue for many of us. Nimb hopes to make people feel safer. It’s a ring with a concealed button that notifies your friends, family and emergency services any time you’re in trouble. Essentially, it’s a form of panic button, but more subtly designed. A touch of your thumb activates it, sending an emergency alert to anyone you’ve preset to receive one. Your profile info and GPS coordinates are immediately sent to them. Its simplicity means it’s ideal for people of all ages. A pledge of $119 gains you one of these, and the campaign ends July 30.

moband.jpegA new universal remote, Moband allows you to control all infrared appliances through various different motions. The gadget comes with 10 preset default motions, allowing you to control your home appliances in a couple of simple steps. You can add more through the device’s app, allowing you to create your own motions to reflect a certain option. It’ll work with infrared devices, as well as Bluetooth devices, meaning there are plenty of choices here. Plus, you’ll feel like a member of Gryffindor as you wave and flick Moband about to turn on your appliances. A pledge of $129CAD (about $99) gets you one Moband, with the campaign ending July 25.