Kickstarter Weekly: Cook Everywhere with Enki Stove Wild, Up Your Speaker Game with Essence and More

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Kickstarter Weekly: Cook Everywhere with Enki Stove Wild, Up Your Speaker Game with Essence and More

Another week means another selection of cool Kickstarter tech projects. This time round, we’ve got a great way of cooking up a storm while camping, a method for making your garden hose smart, along with some cool music playing suggestions, no matter what your setup is.

hiody.gifMost of us wear hoodies at some point. They’re warm and comfortable, after all. Hiody takes that concept, and throws in some oversized speakers, ensuring you can enjoy music through them, even with the hood down. The best part? At normal volume with the hood up, no one else can hear your music. It also throws in a microphone component for when you want to take a call from your smartphone. A pledge of $79 will get you one of these snug and useful hoodies. The campaign ends June 19.

Enki Stove Wild
enkistove.jpgHaving an effective camp stove is an important part of enjoying the experience while you’re camping. Enki Stove Wild is a type of camp stove that’ll allow you to cook and grill with pretty much anything you find in nature. That means you don’t have to worry about caring around gas tanks, or having a supply of charcoal nearby. Using a few branches or other dry biomass, along with a small battery or solar panel, you can easily start cooking with it. It’s environmentally friendly and it won’t even cause an unpleasant smell. A pledge of €160 (about $182) will get you one of the first stoves. The campaign ends May 30.

truu.jpgPromising to be the first wirelessly charged earbuds out there, Truu has a lot going for it. They don’t require cables while listening, or while you’re charging them either. That means no more tangled up cables when you’re trying to prepare for a gym session or run. The two earbuds connect together via a magnet, meaning they’re activated by separating them, leaving you free of overly complicated set up. They’re also quite stylish. A pledge of €150 (about $171) will get you one of these. The campaign runs until May 26.

zilker.jpgWant a more intelligent irrigation system but don’t have a sprinkler system? Zilker can solve that. Simply hook the device up to your garden hose, and it’ll keep an eye on everything. It can warn you of potential leaks, or if freezing weather is coming, but it’ll do more than that. It’ll also allow you to apply as much or as little water to your garden as you require, as well as track your average water usage. That means it could save you money, as well as help things run more efficiently. A pledge of $129 gets you one bridge and valve, with extra valves costing $59. The campaign ends May 25.

Essence by Feniks Audio
feniksessence.jpgWant a powerful, premium priced set of speakers for your PC or Mac? Essence is keen to entice you. Designed specifically with computers in mind, the speakers are both stylish and powerful, offering high audio quality throughout your experience. Whether you’re listening to music, watching a film or playing a game, these should provide the best quality sound possible. Impressively, they’re a lot smaller than other speakers on the market, but they pack a punch, while being easy to install in your lounge or study. A pledge of Fr 1299 (about $1349) gives you a set of these speakers, with the campaign concluding May 31.