Logitech Is Bringing Alexa to Cars with Its ZeroTouch Phone Mounts

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Logitech Is Bringing Alexa to Cars with Its ZeroTouch Phone Mounts

Earlier this year, at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa, stole the show. She was everywhere. From refrigerators to lamps, Alexa was the overwhelming word heard most on the show floor, in some interesting implementations and some a little terrifying.

One of the more interesting inclusions was in automobiles, including Volkswagens and Fords. Given the importance of hands-free interaction in the car, it makes absolute sense for Alexa to make her way to the car, allowing users to quickly give commands without taking their hands off the wheel or eyes off the road. Apple and Google have previously implemented similar ideas with CarPlay and Android Auto respectively, the former letting users invoke Siri and the latter with Google Now commands (Android Auto predated the Google Assistant). Of course, in order to use any of these, you have to buy a car that allows CarPlay, Android Auto or has Alexa already built-in. While the list is growing, car companies are still hesitant to fully turn over the interior technology to Silicon Valley giants.

Logitech is helping users sidestep that reality with ZeroTouch, the company’s line of dashboard and air vent mounts that let anyone turn their smartphone into a hands-free hub to use while driving. Now, the ZeroTouch app comes with Alexa built-in so users can go beyond the phone calls, text messaging and app interaction you could do before.

“This Amazon collaboration gives the Logitech ZeroTouch even more hands-free power,” Patric Frank, head of new ventures at Logitech, said. “Now, the possibilities are endless – even while on the road. The marriage of Logitech ZeroTouch and Alexa make it possible for drivers to not only use their voice to control more than just their smartphone, but all smart devices kept at home, before they even get there.”

The new version of the app is currently available in the U.S. and U.K. on the Google Play Store. If you don’t already have one a ZeroTouch, you can find them on Logitech’s website.