Phenox is a Personal Drone That Fits in Your Hand

Tech Features
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Futuristic in nature, there’s something pretty cool about having your very own programmable drone following you around. That reality has just become a bit more likely thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign by the name of Phenox.

Phenox has been designed and developed in Japan with the aim for it to be not just a flying robot but a platform for ‘flying apps’ for everyone. It’s small and agile, able to control itself intelligently and hover safely without any ground stations. It’s small enough that it’ll fit in your hand! That doesn’t stop it from being powerful though.

The drone offers an onboard front-camera, bottom-camera, as well as a microphone, meaning it’s able to interact with your voice as well as your movement. With no need for a controller, it’ll react to your call or simply putting your hand out to attract it.

Given its size, Phenox is a bit of a novelty concept rather than anything that could do anything practical for you, but that doesn’t stop it being tantalizingly fun to play with. Creative types can also enjoy using sample codes and an extensive code library to make your own hacks and adaptations to Phenox’s core abilities.

Currently, there are limited numbers of the exclusive Kickstarter Phenox Laboratory model so while the project has until June 11 to run, you should get in there fast if you want one. It’s priced at $750 which also snags you two batteries, spare propellers, two color gloves as well as a whistle to call your very own Phenox over. For a fun, futuristic gadget, this is surely a great investment.