RainCommander is the Most Technologically Advanced Sprinkler System Ever

Tech Features
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Sprinkler systems are frequently very useful for maintaining your garden. It saves you having to hose the lawn down yourself during those hot summer months, and it’s all around much more efficient way of keeping the grass green. Until now though, it hasn’t been overly technologically advanced. RainCommander aims to circumvent that by allowing you to control your sprinklers from anywhere via your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

It’s the brainchild of Colorado based businesswoman and software developer, Deb Shupe. Realising that there just weren’t any inventions already out there for those who want to control things via their PC, she’s teamed up with other software developers and electrical engineers to come up with the solution.

RainCommander RC1200 is a 12-zone sprinkler controller that you can hook up to your existing wireless network, enabling you to control the sprinklers from anywhere. It can even be used on an enterprise level, allowing you to give control over to your landscaper.

Each sprinkler can be adjusted in a different way so depending on your garden layout, you can give extra water to your plants while cutting back a little with the lawn coverage. Timings can also be arranged so it’s always convenient for your needs.

Looking stylish yet simple the RainCommander just might be the ideal device for controlling your sprinkler systems in a modern way, rather than being restricted to having to do everything manually.

It’s currently available as part of a Kickstarter campaign with the campaign running until May 2. It’s promised that the device will be ready to ship in the first week of May so you can start using it this summer. For $159 you can snag a RainCommander with $299 grabbing you an extra device for a loved one as well. Check it out now and enjoy being the 21st century commander of your sprinkler system, at last.