Official Reddit Ask Me Anything App Review

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Official Reddit Ask Me Anything App Review

Reddit has exploded in recent years. While it’s always been one of the most visited sites on the web, a number of celebrities and personalities have taken a liking to the site, most notably in the form of “Ask Me Anything” events, or “AMAs.” The main purpose is to allow average Joes the ability to speak to someone they normally couldn’t ever have access to, but the genius idea has spread to people of all circles—naturally, Reddit has created an app solely for the purposes of digesting all that information in a much clearer way.

Enter the AMA mobile app. It’s clean, minimal, and very easy to navigate. As soon as you load it up you have the option to enter your username so you can ask questions of your own—but it isn’t required, and a quick tap of the “skip” button brings you right into the action. Thanks guys!

There really isn’t a whole lot to mess around with though, since all you’re going to get is basic sort functions (recent AMAs and categories like “Gaming” and “Music”). You can ask questions, upvote or downvote the AMA itself or responses, and that’s about it. Think of it less like a comprehensive experience and more like an e-reader or RSS feed.


My favorite part though is the ability to sort by “answered” and “asked” questions, so you can directly read a giant wall of the participant’s responses. It’s a very nice way to keep things from getting too cluttered, especially during long AMAs with a lot of inquiries.

Reddit’s AMA App may not be overflowing with convenient features, but it works. All it takes is a few seconds to download the app, plug in, and surf for both trending and previous events. While it certainly has room to grow, it pretty much gives you everything could need at its launch.

Now about that official Reddit app…

The Official Reddit Ask Me Anything is a multiplatform app that can be downloaded for free in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.