Celebrate National Sex Day With 5 Apps Focused On Sexual Empowerment

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Celebrate National Sex Day With 5 Apps Focused On Sexual Empowerment

June 9 is National Sex Day. Of course it is. Obvious reasons aside, putting a clear focus on one’s sexual wellbeing is an admirable and valuable act. People have become more mindful of the development of their sexual proclivities in recent years and sex-positive discussions about building healthy sexual relationships with others and yourself are making many facets of sexuality approachable no matter where you fall on the fluid spectrum of sexuality.

There are a number of apps that are helping facilitate these conversations with tools to help individuals, couples and polycules along that path. Here are some pretty nice options that may offer a helping hand.


Ferly is an app committed to individuals with vulvas in their journey to “healthy, confident and pleasurable sex.” The app hosts a library of audio guides that help users address obstacles that may be preventing them from reaching that goal. The offerings include guided programs ranging from erotic stories to pieces that directly address self-esteem and confidence in one’s body. A good chunk of its library is free, but some content is locked behind a paywall.


Similar to Ferly, Emjoy aims to aid individuals with vulvas reach higher levels of confidence and pleasure while healthily explore themselves sexually. The app boasts a “science-backed” approach to its content curation, with an extensive library of audio stories and guides that help users reach higher plateaus. Also like Ferly, some content is locked behind a paywall.


Spicer is a discreet messaging app developed with couples in mind. Users link with their partner via private codes and begin answering questions about their sexual interests, kinks and interests that may be harder to vocalize. Users can choose certain question packs to use, so the experience is tailored to how wide or narrow your interests may be. The app is available in multiple languages as well. The only real drawback is that Android users have to sideload the app after the Google Play Store removed Spicer in 2020. Luckily, Spicer includes handy instructions on how to do so on its website.


If you simply want a wide library of erotic audio stories, then Dipsea is your landing spot. The app features hundreds of sexual tales focused on queer and hetero sexual experiences alike with a commitment to empowering and authentic depictions of sex and its participants. The app offers a paid subscription, but there is plenty of in-house produced content available for free, meaning anyone can get a taste of what its diverse team is whipping up.


Amorus looks to build an expanded view of sexting into a dedicated app focused on keeping sexual partners a bit on their toes. The messaging app aspect is pretty straightforward, but conversation starters called “Chat Sparks” and its “Fantasy Swipe” tool prod users into conversations that help facilitate discussions and sexual exploration. It also puts a gaming veneer over some aspects of sexting, including letting users send lewds as a jigsaw puzzle for their partner to put together.