Slice is a Sleek New Media Player With AirPlay Support and Onboard Storage

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Slice is a Sleek New Media Player With AirPlay Support and Onboard Storage

Media players are an important part of your living room setup now. Whether it’s to make it easy to stream your holiday photos to the big screen or watch digital downloads and rentals, it’s useful to have a convenient and simple way to do so. Slice is one such media player that hopes to be stylish, practical, and simple to use.

With a well designed user interface that runs popular media player software, XBMC, and a custom remote control, it’s an effortless way to watch your media. Onboard storage means you can simply drag and drop your media onto Slice’s hard drive via a USB connection from your Mac or PC. It has 2 USB ports too, meaning you can connect extra devices such as USB sticks or external hard drives, as well as AirPlay support.

Small and portable, Slice offers an aluminum case and a customizable LED light ring for visual feedback, as well as a sense of style. It should look perfect in your TV unit. For those traveling, it should prove useful too as it doesn’t require being connected to the internet at all times, making it simple to transport with your files intact.

Currently available as part of a Kickstarter campaign;, you can grab a Slice unit for £129 (around $212 USD) without a hard drive, or an unit with a 1TB hard drive for £169 (around $278). The campaign has already reached its goal with the project left to run until September 25, so get in there soon if you want an unit.