Alcatel Idol 4S Hands-on: Best Budget Phone?

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Alcatel Idol 4S Hands-on: Best Budget Phone?

Alcatel has made a name for itself in the tech world, much like OnePlus, for offering top-notch phones at bargain prices. The company looks to continue that tradition with its latest effort, the Idol 4S.

In 2016, though, Alcatel is far from the only company making great phones at better prices. As the smartphone has become stale, the one sector to remain vibrant has been the budget level. Affordable phones now come with builds just as good as top-tier flagships and sometimes, such as with the Nexus 6P last year and the OnePlus 3 this year, blow away the competition without blowing the bank account.

Being a good, cheap phone is no longer enough to stand out. Unless you’re coming with a price drastically less than the competition, which at $399 the Idol 4S is not, you have to show up in a big way to convince consumers to hop on the bandwagon.

We’re going to see in the coming weeks if the Idol 4S has what it takes to stand out from the pack, but let’s start with our first impressions.