12 Luggage Tags That Make Your Grip Unique

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12 Luggage Tags That Make Your Grip Unique

If you’ve traveled by plane then you know how frustrating it can be trying to spot your bag in the black-and-tan blur of suitcases on a crowded luggage carousel.

Take it from someone who, while moving to South Korea for two years, had her luggage mistakenly taken by another passenger never to be returned; attempting to differentiate your suitcase is not merely a wise travel move, it could be the only thing keeping you from spending your entire trip in the same pair of underwear.

One easy and cheap (suitcases are expensive, after all) way to separate your bag from the rest is with one of these unique luggage tags.

1. This Bag is Not Yours Leather Bag Tag, $26.00 2. Moleskine Luggage Tag, $9.95 3. Penguin Books Luggage Tag, $9.95 4. LEGO Brick Bag Tag, $4.99 5. F1 Get Lost Tag, $12.00 6. Wood Engraved Luggage Tag, $15.00 7. Corter Leather Luggage Tag, $18.00 8. Colored Leather Luggage Tag, $17.99 9. Leather Snap Luggage Tag, $25.00 10. RuMe ID Luggage Tag, $14.95 11. Bon Voyage Tag, $24.00 12. Monogram Leather Luggage Tag, $29.95

Chicago-based journalist Lauren Kilberg is a frequent Paste contributor.