2016 Oscar Nominee-Inspired Vacation Rentals

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2016 Oscar Nominee-Inspired Vacation Rentals

You don’t have to stalk film locations, fly across the globe or take set studio to feel like you’re part of the action. People all over the country have been inspired to design their homes in homage of their favorite films, and lucky for you, a lot of these are available for travelers to rent.

This can go one of two ways, however. You could end up in a home inspired by Alice in Wonderland with quirky and uncomfortable furniture, an oversized stuffed caterpillar, and wall décor that makes you feel like you’re dizzily falling down a rabbit hole. Or, if you choose wisely, you can end up in a tastefully designed home that channels Oscar-nominated films like Brooklyn and Inside Out.

If you’d prefer the latter (we have a feeling most of you will), click through our gallery of vacation homes inspired by 2016 Oscar-nominated films. Find these homes and more on vacation rental website, Vacasa.

Maggie Parker is Paste Magazine’s assistant travel editor.