Airbnb Guide: Marrakech, Morocco

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Airbnb Guide: Marrakech, Morocco

It’s not uncommon for an apartment on one side of the world to look indistinguishable from one on the other—it’s just a symptom of the shrinking world we live in today. But while we’ve seen nearly identical Airbnb rentals from Paris and Tokyo to Nashville and Playa del Carmen, we’ve found one city whose offerings consistently have an unmistakable sense of place: Marrakech, Morocco. You’ll also find some slightly different rules in this country: Moroccan couples aren’t allowed to stay in the same room without proof of a marriage certificate. As long as you’re legal (or from anywhere else), you can find some pretty spectacular rentals for under $200/night. Here are 10 of our favorites.

1. Christel’s four-bedroom rental 2. Anne’s riad 3. 17th century riad 4. Rachid’s apartment 5. Douiria’s riad 6. Reb’s single room rental 7. Geraldine’s massive riad 8. Dar Ahwach rental 9. Riad Ethnique 10. Riad La Casa Del Sol

Paste’s Airbnb columnist Erica Jackson Curran is a former alt-weekly editor turned moonlight freelancer based in Richmond, Virginia.