Airbnb Guide: Bath, England

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Airbnb Guide: Bath, England

Bath has been a favorite destination for visitors to the British Isles since Roman times, when it was first embraced for its thermal spas. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city combines centuries of history with modern chef-driven restaurants, trendy shops, and cushy boutique hotels. For those who want a taste of local life, whole-home Airbnb rentals average about $185/night, but you’ll find plenty for much less than that. Here are 10 of our favorites for right around $150/night or less.

1. One-bedroom apartment 2. Daniel and Anna’s spacious apartment 3. Bijou flat 4. Eclectic flat 5. Little Studio in Widcombe 6. Jennifer’s quirky cottage 7. Zeynep’s one-bedroom apartment 8. Katherine’s second-floor spot 9. John’s studio apartment 10. The Vaults

Paste’s Airbnb columnist Erica Jackson Curran is a former alt-weekly editor turned moonlight freelancer based in Richmond, Virginia.