Travel Fashion: 10 On-The-Move Beauty Fixes

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Travel Fashion: 10 On-The-Move Beauty Fixes

Unlike Beyoncé, we did not wake up like this. It takes an entire toolbox to get us ready for the day, and for travelers, that poses a problem. Partly because some of those tools resemble weapons. seriously, it’s a freaking eyelash curler; we couldn’t kill someone with it if we tried (and trust us, we’ve tried).

If you want to look halfway decent in the countless selfies you’re bound to take in front of monuments and vistas, it takes lugging tons of tools on the road, getting held up at security, or risking ruined clothes because of suitcase-spilled products.

Or, you can invest in these travel-friendly beauty tools and rest easy (and travel beautifully).

Maggie Parker is Paste magazine’s assistant travel editor.