The 20 Best Travel Destinations of 2015

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The 20 Best Travel Destinations of 2015

A year at the helm of Paste Travel has taught me many things. Chief among them is the fact that covering stories for the Internet is different than the print world I grew up in as a young writer. Web stories have a different shelf life. In some ways these articles are fleeting and can appear or disappear with the click of the publish/un-publish button. The advantage, of course, is that those same articles might just exist forever … even without the need for shelves.

Editors are also constantly looking for ways to attract Internet readers, or viewers, and keep them flipping through slides, pages, lists, images and galleries. A balance, therefore, must be found between eye candy and substance. For my part, I have tried to strike that balance—paying the rent, so to speak, with service-focused fun, and hoping that discerning travelers stick around the site to gnaw on the meat of longer, narrative-heavy pieces.

However, Internet and print travel sections do share a common denominator: every magazine strives to give readers top-end destination stories, which provide the foundation upon which lists, galleries and essays are built. This “Best of” Destinations gallery is our version of that foundation—the weight-bearing pillar that supports all of our endeavors.

One of the greatest qualities Paste Travel continually brings to the journalism world is that we play no favorites and have no geographic agenda. In 2015, reporters, freelancers and frequent contributors covered every continent with more than 500 stories. Some of our writers cut their teeth with Paste. Others are veterans, who can smell a travel article the moment they get off a bus, plane, boat or camel.

We’ve been incredibly lucky to have such a wide range of destination-based pieces from such a talented group of journalists. We hope you feel the same way and that Paste Travel has inspired you to explore the world in 2015. We look forward to toasting you at some far-flung airport bar in 2016 as you continue your pursuit of knowledge and adventure.

1. Lima, Peru; 2. Athens, Greece; 3. Nice, France; 4. Alexandria, Virginia; 5. Vancouver, Canada; 6. New York City; 7. Miami, Florida; 8. Belgrade, Serbia; 9. Austin, Texas; 10. Havana, Cuba; 11. Nashville, Tennessee; 12. Budapest, Hungary; 13. Sarajevo, Bosnia; 14. Key West, Florida; 15. Chattanooga, Tennessee; 16. Seoul, South Korea; 17. Prishtina, Kosovo; 18. Birmingham, Alabama; 19. Hanoi, Vietnam;
20. Toronto, Canada.

Alex Crevar is Paste’s travel editor.