Fly to Norway for $89

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Fly to Norway for $89

In the seeming ongoing battle between Icelandic and Norwegian airlines, Norway’s just thrown a body slam on their Nordic brother by offering $89 one-way flights from the East Coast to Bergen.

The new flights will take off from of Providence, Rhode Island, and New York City starting on July 1, 2017 and July 2, 2017, respectively and land in Bergen, Norway, the country’s gateway to the magical land of fjords and stunning, Frozen-like scenery—there’s also a Leprosy Museum, if you’re, like, itching for something not so beautiful.

Finding the fares can be tricky, seeing as they’re scattered throughout Norwegian’s “Low Fare Calendar,” which has a smattering of the cheap flights from July all the way up to the winter of 2017—in case you’re a Northern Lights junkie.

Just remember that Norwegian Airlines is one of those super cost-effective European airlines where they charge and arm and a leg and possibly a rib for seat assignments, checked baggage, food and even carry-ons deemed “så jævla stor.” That said, a summer trip to Norway for $178 round-trip is straight rått.

Photo: Pixabay

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