This Is the Best Week to Book Your Thanksgiving Airfare

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If you’re flying home for Thanksgiving, now’s probably the best time to buy your ticket.

According to a report by Skyscanner, the cheapest flights for the Thanksgiving holiday can be
found this week, from October 31 to November 4. The study found that flights during the week of Halloween were 7.73 percent cheaper than those at any other time before Thanksgiving weekend.

To gather the data, Skyscanner analyzed flight rates from last year’s Thanksgiving to help project the dates at which airfare will be at its lowest. The result: Four weeks before the holiday seems to be the sweet spot.

Those booking should know that there’s no such thing as truly cheap days to fly over Thanksgiving, but thanks to information from FareCompare, these itineraries can save some

- $367 – Thursday to Friday (Nov. 24-25)
- $395 – Thursday to Tuesday (Nov. 24-29)
- $406 – Tuesday to Friday (Nov. 22-25)
- $420 – Monday to Friday (Nov. 21-25)
- $425 – Tuesday to Tuesday (Nov. 22-29)

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