The Bucket List: A Historical Guide to Chicago

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The Bucket List: A Historical Guide to Chicago

From the Great Fire and World’s Fair to ground-breaking architecture, Chicago is a city with a rich and storied past. The city and its citizens take pride and give respect to the people and events that have shaped it. In fact, Chicago’s official flag is even an homage to its history, featuring four red stars that represent some of the most important historical events: Fort Dearborn, the Chicago Fire, as well as the World’s Columbian Exposition and Century of Progress Exposition.

This week’s Bucket List brings you a historical guide to Chicago, complete with eight landmarks, relics and odes to the city’s past that are worth a visit today.

Paste Travel’s Bucket List columnist Lauren Kilberg is a Chicago-based freelance writer. Her travels have found her camping near the Pakistani border of India and conquering volcanoes in the Philippines.