The Bucket List: Try Chicago's Best Guided Adventures

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The Bucket List: Try Chicago's Best Guided Adventures

One of the many great things about Chicago is that it is relatively easy to navigate as a visitor. The city is home to the nation’s second largest public transportation system, a network of elevated trains, subway lines and buses that can schlep you around the city or out to 35 surrounding suburbs. With a robust bike sharing system, known as Divvy, and the recently granted title of most bike-friendly city in the country by Bicycling Magazine, getting around via two wheels when the weather cooperates is another great option.

Arguably the best and easiest way to see the city, however, is one of the many unique guided tours that not only get you around Chicago, but do it with the added bonus of learning something along the way. The seven guided adventures in this gallery aren’t your average walking tours, although some do include walking, instead they’ll have you exploring the city’s architecture, history and craft beer scene via Segways, pedways, helicopters and even a giant barrel on wheels.

Going it alone and creating your own itinerary is truly a breeze, and while you don’t need to be savvy traveler or modern-day Magellan to reap the many wonders that a visit to the Second City has to offer. These seven tours grant you a unique perspective and fun approach to exploring Chicago.

Paste Travel’s Bucket List columnist Lauren Kilberg is a Chicago-based freelance writer. Her travels have found her camping near the Pakistani border of India and conquering volcanoes in the Philippines.