Take Five: Surprising Santiago, Chile

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Take Five: Surprising Santiago, Chile

Chileans can be self-degrading; you will seldom hear a Chilean exclaim that Santiago is an amazing city. But, Santiago, Chile, capital city of that long skinny country at the bottom of the globe, has a lot to offer.

It may not be as sexy or attract as many tourists as its South American neighbors like Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro, but don’t dismiss this aesthetically stunning city with breathtakingly beautiful vista points (on days when the smog clears). There are thousands of ways to take in the view from high-rises or hilltops with the Andean mountains tearing into the distance at spectacular heights.

But, our favorite things about Santiago are its surprising attributes, from a top-notch tattoo scene and a hilarious bilingual comedy outfit to live Jazz music and an enticing gay-friendly nightlife.

Annie Merkley is a freelance journalist, banjo strummin’ songstress, traveler by simple means, poet, and dreamer of dreams and things.