This Chinese City Becomes a Wonderland Every Winter

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This Chinese City Becomes a Wonderland Every Winter

This year, the 33rd Harbin International Snow and Ice Festival will attract guests from around the world who want to see famous ice sculptures.

The festival hosts a number of themed zones, but the major attraction this year is the Harbin
Ice and Snow World.
Taking up 750,000 square meters, it is made of 180,000 cubic meters of
ice. Many, many sculptors travel to Northern China to contribute in building the colossal ice
structure, showing their craftsmanship and passion through days of work.

Possibly the coolest part of this ice Taj Mahal is the fact that the water used is sourced directly from Harbin’s Songhua River. Farmers played the middle man in the building process, working for 20 days to bring blocks of ice to the sculptors.

If you want to visit Harbin International Snow and Ice Festival, which runs through February, considering going at night so you can watch the colorful array of LED lights illuminating this stunning sight.

Grace Williamson is a travel intern with Paste and a freelance writer based out of Athens, Georgia.