Spend a Week at David Bowie’s Island Mansion

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Hidden in the Grenadines island chain of the Southern Caribbean and measuring at only 1,400 acres in total size, Mustique is already one of the world’s most exclusive tropical vacation destinations. That being said, this summer vacation spot may have just gotten even more luxurious.

For a smooth $40,000 a week, visitors to the island can now rent out the former beach house of late music legend David Bowie. The house, built in 1989, is called Mandalay, and it seems like just about the greatest vacation home of all time.

The five-bedroom features an infinity pool, a Koi pond, game rooms, waterfalls and a 10-person staff that features a personal chef. Fans of Bowie’s music will certainly have a week’s worth of music history to freak out over — all of the house’s original, Asian-inspired fixtures from its original construction are still there, and there’s even a pavilion called “The Studio” that was meant to be used as a recording site for the singer.

It sounds like the studio was probably never put to use though, because Bowie famously said in a 1992 interview with Architectural Digest the house was so beautiful that he had “absolutely no motivation to write things” when he was staying there.

For those actually serious about booking a trip to Mandalay, it should be noted that prices do increase to a somewhat steeper rate of $60,000 during high season, which tends to be between May and June in the the Grenadines. Better start dumping out that coin jar now.

Dillon Thompson is a travel intern with Paste and a student at the University of Georgia.