Watch a Full Ride-Through Video of Shanghai Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean Ride

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Shanghai Disneyland doesn’t officially open until June 16, but they’ve been running previews all this week. That means video has already been hitting YouTube with full ride-through coverage of a variety of rides.

One of the most interesting rides for Disney diehards is Pirates of the Caribbean-Battle for the Sunken Treasure, which promises an updated spin on the classic Disney dark ride that’s closer in look and story to the recent films. The ride uses a combination of audio-animatronics and projections to recreate an encounter with the Kraken and a massive sea battle. If you can’t make it to China any time soon, and just have to see what’s so special about this new ride, you can watch the YouTube video above, courtesy of Matthew Finnemore. It may not be the Pirates we know and love from Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom, but it looks pretty amazing. Sad news about that dog skeleton, though.

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