10 Role-Playing "Love" Hotel Rooms

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10 Role-Playing "Love" Hotel Rooms

Hotels where you pay hourly rates tend to have negative connotations in the western world, but in Southeast Asia they perform a necessary role in society. When large families live in cramped quarters, it’s difficult for couples to have time to themselves, and hourly hotels and motels provide them with a place to do just that.

These accommodations are traditionally referred to as “love hotels,” but recently many have begun calling them “boutique hotels” or “couples hotels”. For the tourist, they offer cheaper rates than many of the traditional chains, as well as the unique experience of staying in one of their many themed rooms. Some even offer the chance to pretend you’re a superhero for a few hours.

Love hotels with ridiculous rooms used to be a feature in Japan, particularly in Osaka, but recent building restrictions have forced many of these to close or remodel. Gems like the Hello Kitty S&M room at Hotel Adonis in Osaka are no more. Thankfully, there is still an abundance of incredible theme rooms in Southeast Asia, particularly in Taiwan and South Korea. Here are ten of the most amazing (and bizarre) boutique hotel rooms across the region.

1. Cozy Hotel Theme A, BMW room; Seoul, South Korea. 2. Wego Funtel, Boat room, Taipei, Taiwan. 3. Boutique 9, Funny room, Seoul, South Korea. 4. Cozy Hotel Theme G, Ramen room; Seoul, South Korea. 5. Sato Castle, Mission Impossible room; Taipei, Taiwan. 6. Lamang Pension Hotel, Spongebob room; Seoul, South Korea. 7. Eden Motel, Rose Garden; Taipei, Taiwan. 8. Swan Hotel , Casino room; Osaka, Japan. 9. ChezLee Hotel, Ancient Greece; Seoul, South Korea. 10/11. Under the Stars Love Hotel, Smurf room; Seoul, South Korea.

Danielle Ryan is a Paste intern and a freelance writer based in Atlanta, Georgia.