Gear Geek: WTF Products

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Gear Geek: WTF Products

The gear-centric world of travel and the great outdoors is always attempting to stumble across the next best thing. And for every game-changer like waterproof down or two-layer waterproof yet breathable jackets, there are probably just as many products that beg the question: why? And for that, we love them, too.

1. Vollebak Baker Miller Pink Hoodie, $325; 2. King Cage Barbell, $40; 3. Wayv Adventurer, $199; 4. SlotFlop Reef-R Stash Flip Flops, $25; 5. Project Jacquard, $TBD; 6. The B-Tourist, $TBD; 7. Bike-Specific Wearable Planter, $4.

Nathan Borchelt is a gear-obsessed travel writer and adventurer whose collection of shoes, backpacks, jackets, bags, and other “essential” detritus has long-outgrown his one-bedroom apartment (and his wife’s patience).