The Takeaway: Ghana

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The Takeaway: Ghana

Welcome to The Takeaway, a series highlighting the best goods a destination has to offer. Every week, we’ll showcase seven gifts every traveler should consider in terms of quality and value.

Ghana is emerging as a travel destination, and it’s easy to see why—the West African nation overflows with friendly residents, nature-heavy adventure and a rich history and culture that is still manifested today.

Naturally, Ghana’s best souvenirs reflect the country’s strengths. The region is thick with artistic media ranging from kente cloth to carved wooden masks, and its earth is rich with gold. Ghana’s climate reaps demanded agricultural products, namely cacao and shea, and fosters a spectacular array of fruit. Most of these gifts are readily available at Ghana’s reputable open-air markets.

One U.S. dollar is currently equal to 4.31 Ghanian Cedi. However, it is important to note that petty crime and some political tension has increased, so visit with vigilance.

Sarra Sedghi is Paste Food’s assistant editor. Her eternal food baby is named Frederick.