Gear Geek: Travel-Centric NGOs Worthy of Your Donations

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Gear Geek: Travel-Centric NGOs Worthy of Your Donations

In a break from our regular programming—and in light of the ominous new world that is America under Donald Trump—we turn our attention away from the latest/greatest travel products to look into the world of non-profits who are working hard to preserve the world we all love to explore, ones that can benefit from your generous donations. These organizations reach beyond other essentials in 2017—subscribing to real journalism; donating to the ACLU, Sierra Club, and Greenpeace; and supporting pro-environment brands like Patagonia and companies like Columbia Sportswear, who came out against the immigration ban—so if you love to travel, support their efforts.

Image: Moyan Brenn, CC-BY

Nathan Borchelt is a gear-obsessed travel writer and adventurer whose collection of shoes, backpacks, jackets, bags, and other “essential” detritus has long-outgrown his one-bedroom apartment (and his wife’s patience).