Marriott Has Changed Its Cancellation Policy ... Again

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Marriott Has Changed Its Cancellation Policy ... Again

Earlier this month, Marriott implemented a new 48-hour cancellation policy.

This is not the first time they have tightened up their policies. Back in 2015, both Marriott hotels and Hilton international cracked down on cancellation rules: guests who didn’t give notice for room cancellations 24 hours in advance were charged one night’s fare.

This method has seemingly worked for Marriott, considering the latest changes.

The updated policy will be enforced at all Marriott properties in the Americas, including Starwood-branded properties.

The new cancellation policy says the following:

“While cancellation policies vary by hotel, hotels whose policy is to allow guests to cancel their room reservations on the day before arrival without incurring a fee are faced with a significant number of unsold rooms due to last minute cancellations. Guests will now be required to cancel their room reservation by midnight 48 hours prior to arrival to avoid a fee. This will allow hotels a better chance to make the rooms available to guests seeking last-minute accommodations.”

Some think that these changes are a drive to push customers to book directly with Marriott versus using travel agents and reduce the amount of last-minute cancellations due to cheaper prices online.

It is implied on Marriott’s website that customers who book direct will be granted some flexibility if there are last-minute changes.

Caroline Windham is a travel intern and freelance writer out of Athens, Ga.