Our Favorite Products to Make the Most of What’s Left of Summer

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Our Favorite Products to Make the Most of What’s Left of Summer

It may feel like Fall is creeping up on us and kids are heading back to school, but it’s still ridiculously hot outside. Summer isn’t over, so here are a few of our favorite things to keep that Summer feeling for a few more weeks.

J&L Naturals Peppermint and Tea Tree Face and Body Cleansing Bar



J&L Naturals Peppermint and Tea Tree Face and Body Cleansing Bar feels really good on a hot day or after an intense workout. The peppermint and tea tree essential oils provide a cooling sensation, and the activated bamboo charcoal helps to unclog pores and remove excess oil. You can also feel good about the purchase, since all of their products use sustainable cardboard packaging instead of plastic and are made of natural ingredients.

Georgie & Lou The Parker Pickleball Bag



The popularity of pickleball has exploded over the last year, and Georgie & Lou has designed a bag that keeps all of your gear organized while also looking stylish. There are a ton of pockets and zippers to hold everything you need, removable straps to make carrying the bag a breeze, and a design that helps the bag stay upright instead of flopping over when you set it down. It’s also really useful when going to the pool or when traveling.

Spark Grills Essentials Package


Forget about the Big Green Eggs or Traegers of the world and get a Spark. It’s really simple to assemble, has a cool modern look, and it uses a combination of charcoal and electricity that can cook low and slow, sear at high temperatures, grill burgers, or cook pizza. It’s quick to reach the correct temperature, which is simple to monitor through their app, and their proprietary Briqs remove the guesswork from finding the right charcoal for the type of food you’re cooking. It’s also really easy to clean when you’re done. It’s perfect for both novice cooks and grill masters, and all of the high tech features in the app make grilling fun, while the charcoal flavor makes everything taste delicious.

Alma Ocean Kente’s Cousin Tube Float



Founder Danielle Hodge started Alma Ocean to create water accessories that are more inclusive of everyone and to help the Black community become more comfortable in the water. The Kente’s Cousin Tube Float is the perfect size for a relaxing day in the pool, has a bold print that celebrates African culture, and has a built-in cup holder to let you sip a cool beverage as you float.

Urban Hydration Aloe Vera Leaf Daily Gel Moisturizer



Urban Hydration’s Aloe Vera Leaf Daily Gel Moisturizer feels really soothing on your skin after a long day in the sun. Aloe Vera Leaf is full of antioxidants and minerals that helps speed the healing of your skin. The moisturizer is lightweight, made with natural ingredients, and isn’t greasy. The company also believes in giving back to the community and partners with WATERisLIFE to give a gallon of water to families in need for every product sold.

FGBG Summer Glow Tanning Gummies



FGBG Summer Glow Tanning Gummies are formulated with nutrients and antioxidants to trigger melanin production, the pigment that causes us to tan. They work best if taken a couple of weeks before your beach vacation, but they also provide a nice glow if you don’t want to spend time in the sun. They can also help extend your tan. They’re individually wrapped, which makes it really easy to toss them in your suitcase or beach bag.

Nectr Cactus Cooler



The Nectr Cactus Cooler is an adorable way to keep your skinnier canned beverages cool. It’s made of food grade silicone that won’t fade, sweat or slip, and the integrated air insulation will keep your drink cold for a long time. It’s the perfect size for White Claw, Truly, Red Bull, Michelob Ultra, or any other beverage that comes in a 12 oz slim can.

Coalatree Suray Sun Shirt



Protect yourself from sunburn with Coalatree’s innovative Suray Sun Shirt. It’s made of a fabric with zinc ions embedded directly into the material to offer sun protection for the life of the product. It’s lightweight, packs into its own pocket to take up very little space in your beach bag, is odor resistant, and offers SPF 50+ protection. It’s also really stretchy and comfortable.

Sunflow Beach Bundle Chair



The Sunflow is the perfect chair for relaxing on the beach. It comes in a ton of fun colors, has a sun shade that offers UPF50+ protection that protects against 98% of the sun’s rays, a drink holder that adjusts to different sizes, a dry bag to protect valuables, and a towel that attaches to the chair to keep it from blowing away. The chair itself reclines to four different positions, folds down, and has detachable backpack straps to make it easy to carry.

Positive Grid Spark MINI Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Guitar Amp



The Spark MINI is a portable amp that weighs a little over three pounds and is powered by a rechargeable USB battery that lasts up to eight hours, so you can easily take it wherever you want. It provides awesome clarity and depth and comes with Smart Jam Live, a program that uses machine learning to create accompanying drum and bass tracks to match your playing style. The app also includes Auto Chords, video creation, and access to over 10,000 different tones. Your backyard barbecues and porch parties will never be the same with this little guy.

GYV Mesoamerican Beauty Maracuya Agua Fresca Candle



Visit a tropical paradise without leaving your house with GYV Mesoamerican Beauty’s Maracuya Agua Fresca candle. The lovely mixture of passion fruit, pear, orange, and cocao will remind you of an island getaway without overpowering your space, and the candles are made with a blend of organic waxes and a cotton wick. GYV’s mission is to celebrate the rich culture and ingredients of Mesoamerica. The packaging was designed by Mexican-American artist Yocelyn Riojas, and a portion of proceeds from your purchase benefits Casa Marianella, a charity that provides food, shelter, and support to homeless immigrants in Austin.

Casa M Spice Co. Mini Ranch Pack



The Mini Ranch Pack from Casa M Spice Co. has everything you need for grilling delicious meats. The set features Cattle Drive seasoning for beef, Free Range seasoning for chicken, and Whole Hog seasoning for pork. I love that you can order either Original or their Uncontrolled blend with double the heat for those who like it spicy. The stainless steel shakers are also really convenient and easy to use outside. They also don’t rely too heavily on salt, letting the spices themselves shine.

Larkly SPF 30 Mineral Powder Sunscreen



Larkly Sunscreen comes in an easy to use powder formula with a built-in brush to protect skin without a lot of mess, greasy residue, or chalky finish. It’s all natural and includes antioxidants resveratrol, licorice root, and green tea in addition to zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. I love that it doesn’t take up a lot of space in my bag and that they sell environmentally-friendly refills that allow you to use the same brush and cut down on single use plastics.

Sisi Spray N’ Style Brush



The Sisi Spray N’ Style Brush is one of those genius products I wish I had invented. Fill the handle with your favorite sun protectant, detangler, or any other hair product, throw in your bag, and head to the gym, beach, or pool. It’s so much easier than transporting multiple bottles, works like a dream on wet or dry hair, and is gentle on even the most tangled hair.

JISULIFE Portable Handheld Fan and Power Bank



This portable fan, power bank, and flashlight is essential when spending time outdoors. It takes up very little room in my bag, is powerful enough to keep me cool but is relatively quiet, and can charge my phone in a pinch. The flashlight is really powerful, and it has an adorable bear face that makes me smile. It goes everywhere with me in warm weather.

WateLves Water Shoes



I am obsessed with these water shoes. They’re inexpensive, lightweight, and have a non-slip bottom that’s flexible but awesome for protecting your feet on hot sand, in gross communal showers, or against sharp rocks or objects. They’re more comfortable than flip flops and mold to your feet, so you don’t have to worry about losing one if you meet a big wave or go down a water slide. There are a ton of patterns and colors to match any swimsuit, and they carry both men’s and women’s sizes. They also fold easily to fit in your beach bag.

Allyn Moore is a freelance writer and frequent traveler.