Lufthansa Will Give You a Surprise Trip to Anywhere Around Europe

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The German word for it would be “Lufthansaüberraschungssommerreise.” The English
translation pretty much means “a spontaneous vacation planned by Lufthansa”— Germans have a word for everything. Lufthansa, on the other hand, calls its latest travel option a “surprise.”

Lufthansa Surprise; gives impetuous travelers— and those travel-happy couples with a partner constantly nagging for a “surprise” because the annual camping trip is no longer good enough—the option to book a cheap flight to a semi-mysterious destination. We say “cheap” because flights are all under 99€ ($112), and we say “semi-mysterious” because travelers aren’t booking blindly.

Each “surprise” falls under any of the nine themed categories like romance, bromance and
gourmet cuisine. Within each category exist 7-12 cities. Choose the type of trip you want, and
Lufthansa reserves the rest. Here’s what the trips look like:

Nature: Gdansk, Stockholm, Geneva, Helsinki, Zurich, Rostock-Laage, Larnaca, Copenhagen, Oslo, Gothenburg.

Sun & Sand: Izmir, Bilbao, Triest, Naples, Gdansk, Genoa, Ancona, Stockholm, Nice, Marseille.

Bromance: Amsterdam, Manchester, Hamburg, Dublin, Warsaw, Belgrade, Prague, Poznan,
Lviv, Krakow, Sarajevo.

Cities: Berlin, Rome, Dublin, Lisbon, Madrid, Warsaw, Bucharest, Brussels, Budapest, Zagreb, Belgrade, Athens.

Sightseeing and Culture: Paris, Vienna, Warsaw, Basel, Poznan, Dresden, Lviv, Krakow,
Sibiu, Wroclaw, Toulouse.

Gourmet Cuisine: Milan, Paris, Hamburg, Madrid, Brussels, Lyon, Graz.

Partying: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Milan, Turin, Dublin, Lisbon, Madrid, Birmingham,
Prague, Lyon.

Romance: Barcelona, Rome, Paris, Vienna, Lisbon, Budapest, Prague, Pisa.

Shopping: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Manchester, Rome, Milan, Paris, Hamburg, Vienna, Turin.

Sadly, spontaneous seekers needn’t celebrate yet because, for now, the surprise only stands at Frankfurt am Main and Munich Airport. But since flights to the continent are so cheap this year—cough Wow Air, cough Norwegian Airlines a surprise just may be in reach.

Tom is a travel writer, part-time hitchhiker, and he’s currently trying to imitate Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? but with more sunscreen and jorts.