#PasteTravelGram Photo Contest

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For travelers, a picture says far more than 1,000 words. Rather than a memory, a photo taken on a trip serves as a reminder to return one day or as inspiration for a new destination.

Nothing is more important to us than sharing our travels, and we hope you’ll share your favorite trips and memories via our new photo contest. Every two weeks, we’ll post our seven favorite photos and present a new prompt that reflects travel trends and seasonal draws. All you have to do is tag your posts with #PasteTravelGram on Instagram or Twitter.

In celebration of the lovely fall weather and all the opportunities to enjoy it outdoors, the first prompt for our contest is hiking. Head outdoors and hit the trails—if you snap a great photo, we’d love to see it. We’ll post the winning photos and unveil the new prompt on Wednesday, Oct. 28.

Contest Guidelines

-All submissions must be original photos submitted through social media.

-Submit your photos via Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #PasteTravelGram.

-For photos to be eligible, follow @PasteTravel on the social media platform through which you are submitting.

-Tagging your photos with #PasteTravelGram grants Paste Travel the right to repost them, both on the site and our social media accounts.

-Captions must include the location and date the photo was taken.

-If we choose your photo, be available and open to additional questions.

Good luck, everyone. We can’t wait to see where the world takes you.

The Editors