Photographic Memory: Sarajevo

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Photographic Memory: Sarajevo

Photographic Memory is a series dedicated to photographers and the poetry of life that inspires them and their creative processes.

I strolled through

the sunset into Sarajevo. Everything around me was new to my well-traveled eyes, but with each step my heart warmed with familiarity. Church bells rang out in harmony with the evening call to prayer from the mosques. I stopped. Overwhelmed by a strange sensation. I scanned the tiny streets winding up into the hillsides, each a wrinkle in an old man’s face, deepening with the changes of each complicated era, and yet becoming more handsome with age. Then, my eyes met the mountains. Capped with snow and speckled with sheep, I could already make out an invitation to leave the bustling city and bathe in their forests and streams. I stood as darkness blanketed the houses around me, tucking them into the ridges like fallen stars at rest. In that moment I recognized a growing determination inside me that here I would live, and here I would die, because here, for the first time, I found home.

Cat Norman Tahirovic is American photographer. She left a life of movement to settle in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and open The Doctor’s House boutique hostel. Follow her love affair with Sarajevo on Instagram.