An Eye-Opening Photo Tour of the Amazon Rainforest

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An Eye-Opening Photo Tour of the Amazon Rainforest

The largest rainforest in the world is a place fit for adventurers and explorers, if they know how to approach it.

However, going off the beaten path in the Amazon is not an easy task. And not only because there are few beaten paths.

In particular, the Brazilian Amazon—one of the most biologically diverse regions on the planet—is so big (60 percent of the 2,100,000 square mile rainforest is in Brazil), visitors think they’ve experienced it when they actually only got a tiny taste.

Most visitors go searching for fish, photogenic sunsets and the occasional boto dolphins that circle boats, but river excursions are making it possible for travelers to do much more than that. Now, curious folk can navigate up the endless dark rivers of the Amazonian forests, reaching riverside communities, learning about the struggles of the forest and seeing animal life with local guides. These are intense experiences for those who want to get to know the realities of the place.

If you are not ready or able visit the jungle evocative of mystery and adventure, this photo tour will take you on a ride along the river. Although it’s almost impossible to capture the magic of the real thing, this gallery should serve as a decent placeholder.

Gaía Passarelli is a Brazilian freelance writer based in São Paulo. She writes a travel blog and you can follow on Instagram and Twitter.