Rocky Mountaineer's Scenic Train Routes Launch Their 2022 Season

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Rocky Mountaineer's Scenic Train Routes Launch Their 2022 Season

The Rocky Mountaineer’s season has officially begun. This trainline specializes in scenic journeys through Western Canada and the Colorado Rockies, with glass-domed trains traveling across three routes that start in Vancouver and a new trek that starts in Denver. It’s a luxury railway focused on letting you see some of the most gorgeous sights in North America, making it a tourist destination in itself and not just a form of transportation.

When the Rockies to the Red Rocks route launched in 2021, it became the first Rocky Mountaineer line in the US. It’s also the first of the four lines to start operating this year; its first 2022 trip started on April 17, with guests traveling from Denver to Glenwood Springs—a Colorado town known for its hot springs—and then up to Moab in Utah, a gorgeous tourist town that has been the filming site of many Westerns.

The rest of Rocky Mountaineer’s three lines start running over the next two weeks. First Passage to the West, which takes guests from Vancouver to Banff, started welcoming guests today. Journey Through the Clouds, another line that starts in Vancouver, and that ends in Jasper, begins tomorrow. The fourth line, Rainforest to Gold Rush, which once again starts in Vancouver and terminates in Jasper, but runs through the 19th century gold rush town of Quesnel along the way, starts its season on May 7.

The Rocky Mountaineer’s season runs into October, with multiple different packages for each trip. If you really want to pamper yourself, you can look into the five-star GoldLeaf Service, which has a two-level train car with a panoramic domed ceiling, and gourmet meals served in a dedicated dining car. You can also travel any of the lines in the opposite direction, taking, say, the Rockies to the Red Rocks line from Moab to Denver.

You can find more information at the Rocky Mountaineer’s website. If you’ve never traveled by train, or never ridden one focused on sightseeing and scenery, this might be the vacation you’re looking for in 2022.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each Rocky Mountaineer line.

Rockies to the Red Rocks: From Denver to Glenwood Springs to Moab. Starting April 17, 2022.

First Passage to the West: From Vancouver to Kamloops to Banff. Starting April 25, 2022.

Journey Through the Clouds: From Vancouver to Kamloops to Jasper. Starting April 26, 2022.

Rainforest to Gold Rush: From Vancouver to Whistler to Quesnel to Jasper. Starting May 7, 2022.