Sesame Place San Diego Welcomes Parents and Children to the Neighborhood

The 17-acre park is the second location in the United States

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Sesame Place San Diego Welcomes Parents and Children to the Neighborhood

Get ready to bring your little tykes into the world of Sesame Street, as Sesame Place San Diego has opened its doors.

The first park based on the kids show in over 40 years, Sesame Place aims to be the West Coast destination for anybody who wants to get to Sesame Street. The park features 18 themed rides including water attractions, a kid-friendly roller coaster themed to Super Grover, and a 500 thousand gallon wave pool.

Beyond rides, the park will also debut “Welcome to Our Street,” a street show featuring Elmo, Abby, Grover, Cookie Monster, and Rosita.

Perhaps most importantly, the park is a Certified Autism Center, meaning that parents can easily plan activities to satisfy their children’s needs. There are pre-visit planning resources, a park sensory guide, designated quiet rooms, and the staff have all been trained in autism sensitivity and awareness.

Sesame Place is the latest branding for a water park that has seen a number of name changes in its 25 year history. Originally known as Whitewater Canyon when it opened in 1997, Cedar Fair renamed it to Knott’s Soak City U.S.A.—San Diego after purchasing the park in 1999. In 2012 Cedar Fair sold it to its current owner, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, who renamed it Aquatica San Diego. In 2017 SeaWorld announced it would be rethemed to Sesame Street, and after a short pandemic delay the new park is finally open.

Sesame Place opened on Saturday, March 25, and aims to be a spring and summer destination for families. The original Sesame Place, meanwhile, has entertained guests since 1980 near Philadelphia.