Gear Geek: Spring Break at the Beach

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Gear Geek: Spring Break at the Beach

The beach takes all comers, from the co-ed craziness of Lake Havasu to the steady drone of house music on the coasts of Goa to the subdued southern stretches of North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Regardless of how fast and loose you choose to play it—inspired by serenity or whiskey—you deserve to look good and be well outfitted. And, whichever spring break avenue you prefer, this handful of products will make that week a truly blissed-out affair.

1.Shwood Newports, $129; 2. Lifeproof Smart Case, 80 and Up; 3. BioLite SolarPanel 5+, $80; 4. Outdoor Tech Big Turtle Shell, $200; 5. Keen Uneek Round Cord, $100; 6. Prana Cali Dress, $85; 7. Merrell Palm Rope Print, $85.

Photo: Matthew Straubmuller, CC-BY

Nathan Borchelt is a gear-obsessed travel writer and adventurer whose collection of shoes, backpacks, jackets, bags, and other “essential” detritus has long-outgrown his one-bedroom apartment (and his wife’s patience).