Stranger Things Is Coming to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights

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<i>Stranger Things</i> Is Coming to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights

The Upside Down, like all things in life, is inevitably heading to Orlando. You knew it had to happen—either there or Vegas. They’re like cultural black holes: no pop culture phenomenon can escape their gravity.

It’s not just Orlando, though. Universal Studios announced today that Stranger Things will be coming to the annual Halloween Horror Nights events at three of their theme parks around the globe. Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Singapore will all be getting mazes based on Netflix’s hit show during Universal’s huge outdoor haunted house festival. You’ll be able to run screaming through the Hawkins National Laboratory (whose exterior shots are, no joke, an abandoned mental health facility here in Atlanta) before finding your way into the Upside Down, where many people in makeup and costumes will scream directly into your face. It’ll be scary as hell, no doubt, and should be a memorable addition to Halloween Horror Nights.

Halloween Horror Nights don’t kick off until Sept. 14 in Hollywood and Orlando (and Sept. 28 in Singapore), but Universal’s released a couple of promotional items to get you all hepped up in the meantime. You can check out a trailer and poster below. And if you can’t make it down before Halloween, don’t stress too much—you’ll have a few extra days to take it all in, as the event runs until Nov. 3.