Call a Random Swede with This National Phone Number

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Earlier this month, Sweden decided to dish out their phone number to mark the country’s 250th anniversary of Sweden’s abolition of censorship. Usually, it takes a bit more effort to snag a Swede’s number, but, thankfully, in this case, the Swedish Tourist Association provided the necessary hookup.

Sweden is the first country to have its own phone number, and callers are encouraged to talk about anything they want. Much like the country’s Twitter account, the Sweden’s phone number is manned by “local ambassadors,” or, more accurately put, Swedes who decided to download the “Swedish Number app” and felt like taking prank calls from random people around the world. It’s basically like a diplomatic Chatroulette, minus having to see anything unpleasant.

If you’d like to give the country a call for yourself, the number is +46771 793 336 (+46771
Sweden) and foreign calling fees will apply.You can also download the Swedish Number app on the Apple Store and Google Play.

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