The Sydney Opera House May Soon Let You Sleep Over

Travel News Sydney
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What would it be like to not just visit, but stay — overnight — in an incredible landmark? The Sydney Opera House is willing to let you find out.

The Sydney Opera House recently submitted a proposal allowing guests to stay inside the landmark during certain parts of the year. The application consists of two options: one would permit about 100 guests to stay for two nights once year, the other permitting small groups of people to stay two nights up to five times a year.

No construction or renovating would be necessary to make this idea a reality. For events held at the Opera House, staff would temporarily convert six different rooms within the building to accommodate guests. Mattresses, bedding, side tables, lighting, couches, and lounges would be set up in advance for those in attendance.

Not only would the Opera house host guests overnight, they would be provided with cocktails, dinner, and breakfast the following morning. As if this all weren’t enough, visitors would be given the opportunity to perform on the stage for themselves.

The Sydney Opera House put their idea to a test in June, hosting an overnight event with 158 people in attendance. This may be the only opera experience you are encouraged to sleep through.

Grace Williamson is a travel intern with Paste and a freelance writer based out of Athens, Georgia.