Travel: The 25 Best Gear Geek Must-Haves of 2015

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Travel: The 25 Best Gear Geek Must-Haves of 2015

One of the first columns Paste Travel established when the section launched a year ago was the Gear Geek series. Intrepid traveler, steadfast writer and equipment junkie Nathan Borchelt has been at the wheel week in and week out to provide readers with an insider’s insight into the latest gadgets and excursion necessities. His love of layers, bags, shoes and pipe-dreamy tech must-haves is matched only by his continued commitment to the hallmark of any proper travel section: service. This magazine and gear geeks everywhere are lucky to have him.

At this late hour, many of us are still hoping and praying that those last gifts—for the hardest to please on our lists—will fall from the sky and tie up the shopping season with the neatest of bows. Though we won’t be in your homes to help you wrap those final packages (frankly that would be pretty creepy), the Paste Travel team is certain this “Best of” Gear Geek compilation will provide the last-minute inspiration needed to finish the year strong for you and the adventurers in your life. The items in this selection cover every season, every weather condition and every type of expedition.

Happy Holidays to all the Gear Geeks in the Paste Travel family. Thank you for making 2015 a stellar year and we’re looking forward to traveling with you again in 2016.

1. Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Pack (120L) $159; 2. Grain Audio Headphones $199; 3. Filson Field Bag $284; 4. Eagle Creek Pack-It Small Garment Folder $24; 5. Cube Light $30; 6. Carry-On Cocktail Kit $24; 7. SealLine Urban Backpack $149 (Small); 8. Uli Zettian Paddleboard $1,395; 9. Snow Peak Collapsible Coffee Drip $30; 10. REI Evrgn Campfire Rocker $100; 11. Go Girl $10; 12. Ostrichpillow $125; 13. Danner Mountain Light Hiking Boot $360; 14. Ray Ban Aviator Classics Sunglasses $150; 15. Columbia Outdry Extreme Diamond Jacket $400; 16. Pendleton Fremont Jacket, $475; 17. Grovemade, $39; 18. Topo Designs, $169; 19. Bradley Mountain, $54; 20. 4. Du/er L2X, $129; 21. Inkdot, $25 and Up; 22. Thomas Bates Deerfield Leather Money Belt, $35; 23. Nau Stylus Dress, $95; 24. 100 Deadly Skills, $11; 25. Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens Kit, $80.