10 Spectacular Film Festival Destinations

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10 Spectacular Film Festival Destinations

The towers of Tokyo, the deserts of Egypt and the glittering coast of France have all been inked in the history of film for viewers’ imaginations. Now, with film festivals planted all over the world, film takes audiences there for real.

Over the years , cities from Savannah, Georgia to Marfa, Texas, became cultural destinations due to the pull of film festivals. Industry professionals and film lovers alike flock to these hubs to watch, sell and write about the top films of the season. These festivals provide spaces for pedagogy and spark the coming year’s Oscar buzz, in addition to being top vacation spots.

Browse our picks above of the top places to visit for film festivals, from the desert to to the glittering coast of France.

Freelance writer Lauren Loudermilk writes about film, television and travel. She has written for Paste and Atlanta Magazine.