Gear Geek: 7 Travel Kickstarter Highlights

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Gear Geek: 7 Travel Kickstarter Highlights

For every revolutionary product unveiled on Kickstarter, there are legions of near-miss and never-gonna-happen ideas. And candidly, some of the products in this list might fall in either category, depending on your travel interests. The best way to make your opinion? Cast your vote by pledging … or quietly closing your browser window.

1. Unique Travel Set, starts at $26; 2. Zip’n’Fly Travel Jacket, starts at 25 Pounds; 3. The Camperbox, starts at 162 Pounds; 4. Marlon Travel Backpacks, starting at $124; 5. Tink Wearable Notions Bracelet, from $175; 6. Xbar Flyt Travel-Friendly Personal Fitness System, from $119; 7. Tuscatti Leather Weekender, starting at $275.

Nathan Borchelt is a gear-obsessed travel writer and adventurer whose collection of shoes, backpacks, jackets, bags, and other “essential” detritus has long-outgrown his one-bedroom apartment (and his wife’s patience).

Unique Travel Set

Think of this as a go-bag for travel-savvy woman looking to find a one-wardrobe solution for getting outta Dodge. Pledge $242 and you get the entire set, which includes a dress, removable sleeves, belt, cap/scarf, long shirt/mini-skirt dress, leggings, pants, and multifunctional bag that can be used as a purse, backpack, shoulder bag, tote, or clutch. The kit comes in three colors, four sizes, and three lengths, all made of wrinkle-free, machine-washable viscose.

Zip'n'Fly Travel Jacket

Rebel against costly overweight baggage fees and carry-on restrictions by carrying everything in the Zip'n'Fly jacket. Like a fly-fishing vest on steroids, it offers a variety of storage options to stash whatever you need on your person, from laptops and chargers to cell phones, tablets, books, and…whatever else might be tipping your bag over the allowable weight limit. It comes in black and blue, but they openly admit it ain't the most fashionable item out there—so it also comes with a packable backpack where you can stash the jacket when you're not flying.

The Camperbox

Riding the trend of #Vanlife, the Campberbox gives you everything you need to "transform your car into a hotel bedroom in 30 seconds." Without testing it out, we can't attest to the ease and speed of assembly—but the concept is sound. Open your hatchback, assemble the Camberbox, and you get a flat platform wide enough to accommodate two people, with ample storage space underneath for luggage, surf boards, and other travel essentials. It also collapses into an included carrying case.

Marlon Travel Backpacks

Another week, another line of backpacks that promise to revolutionize the way travel bags work—but unlike some on the market today, these boast a streamlined, simple aesthetic that layers in loads of hidden tech features. It comes in three sizes—a rucksack, tote, and travel pack, and all come with base features that include a suspended laptop/tablet sleeve, fleece-lined sunglass sleeve, removable pouch, organization pockets, vented compartment for wet or sweaty attire, stowable attachment straps, and a hidden valuables pocket—to name a few.

Tink Wearable Notions Bracelet

Niche may be an understatement when it comes to the people that will find this wearable indispensable. But if you're a fiber artist, knitting while traveling just got a lot easier. The Tink lets you measure, gauge, cut, count, and mark stitches, all with one TSA-friendly device that conveniently wraps around your wrist.

Xbar Flyt Travel-Friendly Personal Fitness System

For some Xbar's Flyt will be superfluous—why do you need a travel-friendly personal fitness system when you could stay fit while exploring wherever you're at by walking, running, biking, or hiking—or just hitting the hotel gym? But if you aspire to pro-athlete-level fitness and need to train hard every day, this will remove any excuses. The ergonomically designed device includes soft rubber-grip handles, detachable docks with non-slip treads at either end, and snap-guard resistance bands to let you execute hammer curls, tricep kickbacks, lateral raises, army crawls, military push-ups, fly push-ups, and dozens of other exercises. Collapsed, it measures only 18 inches long.

Tuscatti Leather Weekender

Dubbed "the weekender for the modern jetsetter," this duffle adds 14 travel-friendly features to a timeless leather duffel, including pen loops, zip tabs, four interior pockets, a laptop sleeve, front phone pocket, umbrella loops, passport pocket, adjust able straps—and loads more. The magnetic side pocket is a smart touch, providing easy access to quick-grab items with a flap that closes automatically. It claims to offer storage space for up to five days, and the leather should age beautifully with time and repeated use, yours for a pledge of $369; the waxed canvas model comes runs $275.