5 Epic TV Scenes That Had You All In Your Feelings This Week: So Much Melancholy

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Maybe it was the Wilfred series finale, maybe it was the fact that Rectify had one of its best episodes ever, but we felt the feels in ways that we have not been feeling the feels all summer. Luckily, Black Jesus brought on a few laughs, but for the most part this was an intense week of TV. These are our picks for the five epic TV scenes that had you all in your feelings during the week of August 10.

1. Wilfred: Big Reveal

After a quick game of catch, the two say their goodbyes. We then bear witness to one of the most heartbreaking shots of the series—as a tearful Ryan bends down next to Wilfred’s dead body, the camera moves up and we see Wilfred as the rest of the world sees him—a cute, shaggy dog. Ryan is further crushed when Jenna announces that she is moving back to Wisconsin with Drew. A devastated and angry Ryan ends the episode by tossing Wilfred’s tennis ball into the ocean.—Mark Rozeman (Read the full review here.)

2. The Leftovers: Babymama Drama


This episode does an interesting job paralleling Kevin Jr.’s story with that of his son who is wrestling with his own spiritual issues at the hands of Holy Wayne. He finds out that he’s not the only one protecting a very pregnant Asian girl who is supposedly carrying “The Bridge,” the child that will lead Wayne’s crusade forward. It’s only then that he realizes that the bullshit that he has surrounded himself with is actually bullshit. And he winds up with a bullet in his hand for his trouble, after the other pregnant girl goes bonkers.—Rob Ham (Read the full review here.)

3. The Bridge: Don’t judge Sonya


Sonya and Jack dump Jim’s ashes in the trash, and Sonya gives Jack a key to her place (a move which actually had me screaming at my TV, “No don’t do that!”). Sonya is not taking any flak from Hank about the fact that she’s sleeping with the brother of the man who killed her sister. “I’m not asking for permission,” she tells him. Well, okay then.—Amy Amatangelo (Read the full review here.)

4. Rectify: Dance with me


Through the open hotel room door Daniel finds Tawney swaying to the music of the radio. She keeps asking Daniel if she’s a bad person. “Of course not,” he says. “Are you a bad person?” she asks. “Yes, he replies.” She explains that they can’t be together, but asks him to dance with her. They dance. To the sounds of Low’s “The Great Destroyer”. (Nice choice.) All I can think of is Teddy saying, “He’ll kill you, too.”—Tim Basham (Read the full review here.)

5. Black Jesus: Ramen references FTW


Fish hilariously notes that the landlord always looks constipated, “like he has a lot of sh— on his mind,” so Black Jesus tries to give Vic some helpful advice about fiber regularity. The following is an excellent, incredibly blasphemous diss from Black Jesus (blasphemous because Jesus never dissed anyone in the Bible… although there was that one time when he made fun of all of the hypocrites who pray in public places—see Matthew 6:5):

“Your intestines look like some top ramen noodles that you cooked, and then they got hard again. In a f—ed up bowl.”—Shannon M. Houston (Read the full review here.)

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Shannon M. Houston is Assistant TV Editor at Paste, and a New York-based freelance writer with probably more babies than you. You can follow her on Twitter.