All the NEW Movies and TV Shows Coming to Amazon Prime in November

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There! Now, last but not least, it’s Amazon Prime time. This month, the Bezos streaming empire brings us the brilliance of Chris Rock, a 2015 instant sci-fi classic, and Ryan Gosling being Ryan Gosling. Read on for our featured recommendations, and check out the full list of November’s new offerings below.

Ex Machina

Year: 2015
Director: Alex Garland
Available: Nov. 14
Ex Machina seems designed around the performances of its excellent mini-ensemble. Star Alicia Vikander especially finds the perfect balance between prosthetic personality and genuine empathy, enhanced by the film’s own teetering between some wonderfully titillating and creepy moments…It’s an awfully attractive film, too, appropriately seductive. ...Ex Machina will no doubt provoke that conversation and many others about the morality inherent in “creating” intelligence—as well as whether it’s cool to have sex with robots or not.—Jonah Flicker

Top Five

Year: 2014
Director: Chris Rock
Available: Nov. 28
At times, Top Five feels like a live wire. That thrumming volatility comes as no surprise—it’s a product of Chris Rock’s bluntly indelicate comic inclinations—but damned if the film’s arrival isn’t, for better or worse, the very definition of “timely.”...Top Five is a film about Rock himself, but it’s also about the struggle to find a creative voice, addiction, the rigors of black experiences in predominantly white industries, and the laughable artifice of the entertainment world…full of smart writing and pointed social insights. For the film literate and cultural sophisticates, Top Five offers much worth mulling over…The chief thing to know about the film, though, is that it’s fucking hilarious, as a comedy made by Rock should be.—Andy Crump

Only God Forgives

Year: 2013
Director: Nicolas Winding Refn
Available: Nov. 21
The beauty of every frame of Only God Forgives—the striking compositions, the vivid colors—is exceptional…Refn has reunited with his Drive star Ryan Gosling, who this time plays a far less assertive character. He’s Julian, an American living in a Bangkok underworld where everything is lit in vibrant reds and blues and where faces are always partially obscured by moody shadows….Refn delivers a druggy, slow-burn yarn where the occasional action sequence punctuates the otherwise hypnotic sparseness…its hyper-lucid attention to its atmospheric tone makes it relatively gripping.—Tim Grierson

Available Nov. 1

Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights
The Craft
Desk Set
The Enemy Below
The Newton Boys

Available Nov. 5

The Adventures of Milo and Otis
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
The Mask of Zorro
Seven Years in Tibet

Available Nov. 7

The Yes Men Are Revolting

Available Nov. 10

Wolf Hall (TV)

Available Nov. 11

Outrageous Sophie Tucker

Available Nov. 12

The Song

Available Nov. 14

Ex Machina

Available Nov. 15

The Joe Show

Available Nov. 18

Catch Me Daddy
Mr. Selfridge: Season 3

Available Nov. 19

Dying of The Light
Vikings: Season 3

Available Nov. 20

Man in the High Castle, Season 1

Available Nov. 21

Only God Forgives

Available Nov. 22

Teen Wolf: Season 5

Available Nov. 26

Kate & Leopold

Available Nov. 28

Top Five
Falling Skies: Season 5