New on Amazon Prime: All the Movies and TV Coming in March

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New on Amazon Prime: All the Movies and TV Coming in March

They say March comes in like a lion, and if we’re talking about the MGM lion, then the adage holds true for Amazon Prime in 2016. The red-hot streaming service has a whole heaping batch of new movies ready to be binged at the start of the month, and there’s something for everyone. This time around, we’ve got a seminal ‘80s horror/comedy, an introspective masterpiece, a Marilyn Monroe classic, and a wild, careening look at the movie business. Read on for our featured recommendations, and check below for the full list of new films coming to Amazon Prime in March.


Year: 1984
Director: Ivan Reitman
Available: March 1
Ghostbusters was a simple concept: put some of the best comedians of the day in a live-action riff on the classic Disney short “Lonesome Ghosts,” but, y’know, kind of scary. Adults maybe didn’t shake at the sight of an as-yet-unnamed Slimer, or at Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis increasingly giving over to demonic possession, but when you’re a kid that is some legitimately horrific business. It warmly embraces the corniness inherent in the word “spooky,” evoking Saturday afternoon creature features and the Haunted Mansion while letting Bill Murray be as Bill Murray as he can possibly be. —Garrett Martin

The End of the Tour

Year: 2015
Director: James Ponsoldt
Available: March 3
Adapted from David Lipsky’s book of the same name, this film raises some of life’s most difficult questions about identity, the perception of others and intellectual honesty. Jason Segel’s performance as the earnest Midwesterner Wallace is the grounding heart of the film. Wallace’s eventual suicide is a specter haunting the entire affair, but it’s never maudlin or manipulative. Instead, these few days in the passenger seat are welcome, listening to an original man’s original perspective on life and loneliness.—Josh Jackson


Year: 2016
Director: William Monahan
Available: March 22
The Departed screenwriter William Monahan’s second directorial effort contains a naked reverence for manly men peddling their manliness in the movie biz. As star Oscar Isaac jaws his way through the film’s pompously beefed-up dialogue, you’ll find yourself wishing you were watching whatever movie he thinks he’s in. Isaac’s off-the-charts charisma, combined with Monahan’s pitch black sense of humor, lends Mojave an off-kilter captivation. When it’s skewering the Hollywood studio system, the film is a thorough delight. —Andy Crump

The Seven Year Itch

Year: 1955
Director: Billy Wilder
Available: March 1
A comedy about Manhattan businessman Richard who sends his wife and son to Maine to escape the summer heat, The Seven Year Itch is perhaps most famous for the iconic scene with Marilyn Monroe in her white dress. Hilarity ensues as Richard tries to resist the temptation of the voluptuous Hollywood beauty.—Caitlin Peterkin

March 1

Ghostbusters II
American Psycho
Land Before Time: The Great Valley Adventure
The Diary of Anne Frank
The Seven Year Itch
The Rules of Attraction
The Story of Ruth
The Gunfighter
Wicked Lady
The Blue Angel
American Psycho 2
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
For Better, For Worse
Raw Deal
Atilla, Il Flagello Di Dio
Black Magic
Love Play
The Courage of Black beauty
Josephine and Men
The March Hare
The Golden Stallion
I’ve Gotta Horse
Angelique Et Le Sultan
I, Mobster
Affair in Havana
Now and Forever

March 3

The End of the Tour
Marc Maron: More Later

March 4

Hans Crippleton: Talk to the Hans

March 5

Deet N Bax Save Th’ World

March 7

Seven Wonders of Brazil

March 12

Earth: The Inside Story

March 15


March 20

Beyond the Reach

March 22


March 27


March 28

A Single Shot